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The Best SAP Video Training and SAP Simulator
Also SAP IDES for Practice at your home

SAP Consultant is the Job with Highest Salary in IT Industry.
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"Right now, anybody who is working in the SAP world, either with functional or technical skills, is doing great. The demands are for specialized skills, and if you've got to pick the right market to be a specialist in, the world of SAP is hot."
Jim Lanzalotto
Vice President of marketing Yoh Index of Technology Wages

Dear SAPer,
Why you should choose a career in SAP? You might already know that it is one of the best and highest paying job you'll ever find. Here's why:
  • There are now 44.500 installations of SAP, in 120 countries, with more then 10 million users
  • Top companies in any countries with the highest market value use SAP software. This means you will be marketable and in-demand among the any large firms.
  • You could earn more than $1000/Day as a SAP professional.
  • SAP AG is investing over $5 billion in the next 5 years. Wow... that's "Billion"
So, You probably already know SAP is Big Industry. But Here's the Big Problem...

"SAP Training is a Time Consuming and Very High Cost"

How much should you pay to SAP Training. Here it comes:
- Enterprise Asset Management ( SAP - PM ) $2,900.00
- Financial Accounting (SAP FI) $2,900.00
- Management Accounting (SAP CO) $2,900.00
- Planning & Manufacturing (SAP PP) $3,900.00
- Procurement (SAP MM) $2,900.00
- NetWeaver - ABAP Basics (SAP NetWeaver) $2,900.00

it's very... very... very... Expensive

Expensive cost for the SAP Training is what makes people can not learn SAP. So, You probably have the same problem with almost all SAP users...
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What will you get in SAP Visual Training?

Thousands of high quality SAP Simulator. Include All Module PP, MM, PM, FI, CO, SD, Netweaver, etc...
The Best SAP Video Training that very easy to learn as in the course center. Each material will be presented followed by a Quiz and practice demos.
Hundreds of high quality SAP CBT (Interactive CBTs) that guide you every step of the way.
SAP Ebook contains thousands of interview questions, commonly asked questions during job interviews. Including answers and explanations.
And you will get SAP IDES, so you can install and practice SAP everyday without extra cost.

All of this material previously only available to companies that use SAP, but now you can have it too. Using SAP Visual Training you can learn and understand every major SAP module with the easy and inexpensive way. SAP Visual Training has been proven and tested transform SAP Trainees to Professional.

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The Best SAP Video Training you'll ever seen
[ -  SAP Video Training preview]
Easy Learn With SAP Simulator
[ - SAP Simulator preview]
...and thousands more SAP Video Training and SAP Simulator...
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SAP Training Material:
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Sapvisual Training System.part04.rar
Sapvisual Training System.part05.rar
Sapvisual Training System.part06.rar
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